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Hydraulic Drives at Mardyke Miniature Railways

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Heavy-Duty Locomotives

Mardyke Miniature Railways can offer a powerful Hydraulic Drive system to Power our Locomotives

Power: At the heart of this system is a powerful twin cylinder, water cooled diesel engine. This engine has proven reliability and economy and is powerful enough to pull up to *60 passengers in a single train.

Drive: With a powerful Diesel Engine, we use a well proven Hydraulic Pump to convert the power of the engine into a controllable form of power that is applied to each of the two bogies, this allows much of the power generated by the drive system, to be applied to the track, and with high levels of traction these locomotive can really move a load.

Dimensions: This type of locomotive (depending, on body style) is approx. 3 mtrs long 50 cm wide and it would weigh, in excess of 350 Kg

Speed: The final speed of the all MMR locomotives is customer led depending, on final application, typically 7 KPH.

Control: Mardyke locomotives are equipped with a single neutral lock forward and reverse control lever with parking brake, lights and horn as standard. We can install a compressor or vacuum pump if required but this would be supplied as an optional extra.

Stability: All Mardyke locomotives and carriages have long enjoyed a copy righted dynamic mechanical tilt system within its bogies, which make the ride more comfortable; our bogies also include a stability system, which reduces body roll

Performance:* Mardyke HD locomotives are extremely powerful and are very tough, they are designed to offer excellent reliability and they can operate trains with anywhere up to 60 passengers at a time.

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*Performance figures shown are indicative off an MMR HD Locomotive pulling the listed load over a track, free of any gradient and passengers being of an average mix of ages*


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