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Hydrostatic Drives at Mardyke Miniature Railways

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Medium-Duty Locomotive

Mardyke Miniature Railways developed a system of power transfer, many years ago, that has proved, over the years, to be almost bullet-proof and that drive system has been copied by many, ever since.

Power: The medium duty locomotive calls on the power and reliability of an electric starting Briggs & Stratton 6.5 hp OHV engine this combines fantastic reliability with a compact size and makes this a solid basis for the great performance of this system.

Hydrostatic Drive: This is the key to the success of these locomotives. We came to use a hydrostatic drive because it gives the power transfer and control of a hydraulic system, but the compactness of a mechanical gearbox so when we were developing a new powered bogie, many years ago we found that by combining this type of drive with the power and reliability of the Briggs & Stratton engine we managed to develop a superb drive system which over the following years has remained consistent, giving unrivalled product development.  . 

Dimensions: This type of locomotive would be, (depending on body style) of 2.5 mtrs long 50 cm wide and it would weigh in excess of 250 Kg

Speed: The final speed of the all MMR locomotives is customer led depending on final application.

Control: All Mardyke locomotives are equipped with a single neutral lock forward and reverse control lever with parking brake, lights and horn as standard. We can install a compressor or vacuum pump if required but this would be supplied as an optional extra.

Stability: All Mardyke locomotives and carriages have long enjoyed a copyrighted dynamic mechanical tilt system within its bogies, which makes the ride more comfortable; our bogies also include a stability system, which reduces body roll.

Performance:* Mardyke medium duty locomotives are extremely powerful and are very tough, they are designed to offer excellent reliability and they can operate trains with anywhere up to 30 passengers at a time.

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Mardyke hydrostatic APT now found at Lappa Valley Railway

  *Performance figures shown are indicative off an MMR MD Locomotive pulling the listed load over a track, free of any gradient and passengers being of an average mix of ages and weights*


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