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Carriages & Wagons at Mardyke Miniature Railways

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Mardyke Miniature Railways decided many years ago that passengers on a Miniature Railway were better protected, enclosed within a wagon, so using the same techniques as those used to build our locomotives, we created carriages where the passengers were seated and their feet kept within a footwell.

Our main carriage design is a Mk111 which represents the type of carriage used on British Railways for many years and can be used behind many of our Diesel Outline Locomotives like the Deltic, Hymec and Class 47. but when we develop a new integrated train outline, the carriages are just as important as the locomotive, this gives our trains an appearance which creates a definitive theme on a layout which is not generally matched by other manufacturers.

Whilst our carriages and wagons are supplied free of brakes we can easily fit these as an optional extra in either vacuum or compressed air format as all our bogies are prepared to accept a braking system.

We can also supply Steel Sit-astride wagons, ballast wagons and would be happy to develop customer led rolling stock.

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10 1/4" Wagon


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