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Contact us at our address, by phone, by fax or e-mail us at: mardyke1963@aol.com

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Mardyke Miniature Railways have listed four categories below that define our current range of products, but if you have any other enquiries that may not be listed here, please contact us.

Locomotives that are the more heavier and powerful from our range.

Locomotives that balance good power with lower running costs.

Carriages and wagons that complement our locomotives.

Selection of pre-owned stock held at our works for re-sale.

We have listed below some of the locomotive outlines which can be currently built using existing drawings, jigs, patterns  and formers;

Class 35 Hymec

Class 47

Class 55 Deltic

HST 125

Advanced Passenger Train


Class 92

Midland Blue Pullman

Pennsylvanian GG1

Santa Fe FA-1

Santa Fe F40


French CC 40100

Dutch Intercity

Dutch Thalys

Type CFD 402

Type V29

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Group of Mardyke locomotives found at Swanley


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