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Mardyke Miniature Railways prides itself in the way we design and build our miniature railway equipment.

We have been designing and building locomotives and carriages for the last 40 years or more and during this time have established many design firsts.

Each locomotive or carriage body is individually created, hand crafted from zinc coated sheet steel, using traditional jigs and formers, they are carefully constructed to give great structural strength whilst recreating the key styling points of the locomotives or carriages they are representing.

When establishing our bogie designs way back in the early 1960's, we believed that because the bogie was a very important part of the appearance of each locomotive or carriage, we should make these to look like those they represent, to achieve this we utilised cast iron in their construction. The Strong Side Frames with intricate design cues from the Real Bogies they represent became our design standard, one of which we are still proud of today.                      

Our bogies utilise a sprung bolster rather than sprung axles, this we believe, gives fantastic stability over very uneven track and with our copyrighted tilt system, passengers and crew will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. We have maintained our reliance on Cast Iron for our wheels, this is because we believe that they offer the best balance over the levels of wear on both the wheels and on the track itself but if a customer has a preference for steel wheels, these can be fitted during construction. We press our wheels on to axles made from EN16, hardened and then precision ground. Our wheel sets run in roller bearings as these offer great levels of performance with minimal maintenance over many years of service. Our normal method of coupling is through a hook and chain, our buffers have an oval profile and we connect these directly to our bogies, this reduces the risk of inter-locking of when negotiating tight curves as the buffers and couplings follow one another.

Whilst our locomotives are normally supplied with an integral parking brake we make no provision for compressed air or vacuum generation however this can be added as an optional extra.

Because all our equipment is designed and manufactured at our works in Rainham, Essex, England, we have an ability to build almost any outline that a customer has a preference for, we have accepted many Commissions over the years from both UK and the European mainland for some very individual locomotive outlines so if you have a desire for a locomotive not already represented within our product line, please feel free to contact us, we will always be prepared to look at a Locomotive or Carriage set, we do not already produce.

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Commissioned train for Finland



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